Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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25th Webinar

Date and time: Postponed to autumn 2021

Location: Online (ZOOM) - link by registration
Language: English

Title: Virtual reality in assessing and managing severe mental disorders and aggression.

Short summary of the presentation: The presentation will provide an overview of how virtual reality technology has been, and can be, used to assist assessment and treatment of severe mental disorders and aggression. Ongoing and planned research projects will be described, and open up discussions on how virtual reality technology can be applied in the assessment and treatment of destructive behaviors and mental illness.


Short instructions during the webinar

  • Please, keep the "Mute" function on during the presentation.
  • There will be approximately 20 minutes for questions / discussions after the presentations.
  • Please, do not "Raise hand". Use the "Chat" function instead when you have some questions, comments.
  • Please, introduce yourself when you ask question.
  • Please do not forget to update your ZOOM profile with your full name and organisation before you connect to the webinar.