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Researchers from Lund University

The network represents seven faculties at Lund University: 1) Faculty of Engineering, 2) Faculty of Medicine, 3) Faculty of Law, 4) Faculty of Science, 5) Faculty of Social Sciences, 6) School of Economics and Management, 7) Faculty of Humanities and Theology.
We have participants from LU Innovation and LU LUCE.




Relevant expertise / Area of interest

Lina Maria EllegårdEconomics & ManagementHealth economics, Health care policy, Organisation of health care
Karin JonnergårdEconomics & ManagementGovernance and regulations of professions
Charlotta LevayEconomics & ManagementHealthcare transparency, Clinical registers
Günter Alce. Photo.Günter AlceEngineering LTH Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Wearable technology and Interaction design
Erik AnderssonEngineering LTH 
Hajnalka  BodnarEngineering LTH 
Jonas BorellEngineering LTH Psychosocial work environment, Safety management, Organizational development
Gudbjörg ErlingsdóttirEngineering LTH Health professionals and eHealth, Normation of technology, Implementation of reforms
Gerd JohanssonEngineering LTH Design of work environment
Roger LarssonEngineering LTH Work environment in health care, eHealth, Digitalization, Digital solutions in home health care, Organization and leadership, Interaction design, Human factors
Boris MagnussonEngineering LTH              Development of computer systems, Mobile health
Charlotte MagnussonEngineering LTH Inclusive design and accessibility, Design methodology, Interaction design
Fredrik NilssonEngineering LTH 
Johanna Persson             Engineering LTH Interaction design, human factors, visualization
Lena PeterssonEngineering LTH Health professionals and eHealth, Work Environment in health care, Health Education, Health Literacy, Digital Literacy
Joachim RodriguesEngineering LTH Low-power design, Integrated circuits for biomedical applications, Sensor nodes
Calle RosengrenEngineering LTH Organization and Leadership, Work environment, Mobile reporting systems in social home care
Christofer RydenfältEngineering LTH Digitala stödsystem i hemsjukvård,
Jessika SellergrenEngineering LTH 
Martin StridhEngineering LTH Biomedical signal processing, IT solutions for eHealth, Big data, Product development and healthcare innovations
Mattias WallergårdEngineering LTH       User centred design, Interaction design, Internet of things
Lisa EngströmHumanities and TheologyMedical humanities,
Everyday life with medical devices
Diederick C NiehorsterHumanities and Theology & Social Sciences Eye-tracking, vision science
Marcus NyströmHumanities and TheologyEye-tracking, eye movements, vision
Johanna Rivano EckerdalHumanities and Theology
Martina AxminLawCross-border healthcare, Active aging, EU-law
Titti MattssonLawPatient safety, Access to healthcare, Active aging, E-services, Law and ethics
Ana NordbergLawIntellectual Property Law; Law & Innovation in Health and life science; Intellectual Property Rights in health and  life sciences & Fundamental Rights and Principles ; Health, Human enhancement and the Law; Emerging technologies and the Law (E-health, big data,  nanotechnology, synthetic biology, gene editing, etc)
Vilhelm PerssonLawAdministrative law, E-services
Victoria RydengårdLUCECompetence development in eHealth
Eva AgebergMedicineImplementation of evidence-based treatment
Sonja AitsMedicineArtificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Image analysis, Bioimaging, Microscopy-Based High-Throughput Screening (High-Content Imaging), Cancer, Neurodegeneration, Stroke, Lysosomal storage disorders
Susanna CallingMedicineGeneral Practitioner (GP), Cardiovascular epidemiology. Lifestyle intervention through e-Health, artificial intelligence in primary care
Ulf EkelundMedicineEmergency medicine
Björn EkmanMedicine Economics of health systems; Health financing; Public health och Digitalization of care
André HaraldssonMedicine
Göran HermerénMedicineMedical ethics, Research ethics
Mats JohanssonMedicineMedical ethics, Research ethics
Margrét LeosdottirMedicineThe use of eHealth/digital solutions in cardiac rehabilitation and exercise training
Patrik MidlövMedicinee-Health, drug-related problems, elderly, primary health care
Veronica Milos NymbergMedicinePrimary health care research, e-Health, drug therapy, interventions, cardiovascular prevention, elderly, evidence-based medicine
Håkan NeroMedicine
Joint Academy
Research on digital health care for chronic disease
Magnus SandbergMedicine
Ingela SjölinMedicineThe use of eHealth/digitl solutions in cardiac rehabilitation and exercise training
Sigrid StjernswärdMedicineSupport to relatives through internet
Åsa TornbergMedicine
Kristina TägilMedicine
Magnus TägilMedicineMedicine, Orthopaedics, eHealth applications
Olof JarlmanMedicine / Global Health Informatics ABMedicine, radiology, mHealth, Global cloud based services for diagnosis, follow-up, education, QA, logistics and marketing for local actors
Håkan JohanssonSocial SciencesWelfare governance, Civil society, Nordic social policy
Helena SandbergSocial Sciences Mediated health discourses and media use
Sverker SikströmSocial Sciences Diagnoses of mental health by statistical semantics, Treating ADHD with background noise stimulation, Treating depression with tDCS combined with internet based cognitive therapy 
Gabriella ScaramuzzinoSocial Sciences Organization studies, digital work environment, digital social interventions and civil society
Lupita SvenssonSocial Sciences 

Collaborative faculties at LU*

Faculty of Engineering

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Design Sciences

Faculty of Humanities and Theology

  • Humanities and Theology
  • Arts and Cultural Sciences

Faculty of Law

  • Law

Faculty of Medicine

  • Clinical Sciences
  • Health Sciences
  • Library & ICT

Faculty of Science

  • Center for Environmental and Climate Science, CEC
  • Center for Mathematical Sciences

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Communication and Media
  • Psychology

LU LUCE (Lund University Commissioned Education)

LU Innovation Hub

School of Economics and Management

  • Business Administration
  • Economics
  • Informatics

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